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    A Culture of Growth: ABSI

    In 2021, shared services company Asticom Group of Companies, launched three subsidiaries, ABSI, FINSI, and BRAD, along with ABSI’s acquisition of HCX. Each subsidiary functions differently and offers several services ranging from general services, IT, HR, engineering, and logistics. 


    ABSI, which stands for Asti Business Services Inc, is the Business Process Solutions arm of the staffing company. ABSI provides businesses with Above and Beyond Service Innovation, through their services that are distinguished into two divisions: Business Services Outsourcing (BSO) and IT Management Services.


    As the company presents itself as a determined entity, the IT-BSO company adheres to its mission and vision. ABSI also observes a set of values that enables them to function effectively. As Thoughtful Visionaries,  being Trusted Experts and as well as being Committed Partners with their clients. These values are evident to the company as ABSI has over 40 clients spanning different industries. 


    More than enhancing and making sure their service goes above and beyond, ABSI prioritizes teamwork and building a healthy environment within the company. In line with ABSI’s core values, not only does ABSI boost employee morale through an Employee Recognition Program to recognize outstanding employees, but they also look out for the team’s learning and development, by launching LinkedIn Learning to advance their careers. ABSI also doesn’t forget to remind their employees to have fun, as they provide engaging activities and employee events to give them a healthy workspace. ABSI’s culture is making sure employees are in an environment wherein they can thrive, may it be career-wise or personal. 


    To put it simply, as much as ABSI serves its clients, it also doesn’t forget its people. They instill positive learning and collaboration with peers, may it be remote or by working onsite. This is apparent with Francis Joson, Operations Lead of ABSI, and his team, as he mentions: 


    “Having a strong team is a matter of having a strong foundation. Goal-setting and work is given but it’s not all that. – you should make them feel important. How? By delegating the task. This way, they will feel valued and considered.”


    As individuals, it’s innate for everyone to possess characteristics that differentiate them, and ABSI acknowledges the variety and uses this information to their advantage; by embracing diversity and welcoming growth


    To know more about ABSI and their culture, head on over to ABSI’s website and Facebook.