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    Asticom bags a double win of Bronze in STEVIE® Awards 

    Asticom won two prestigious awards from the STEVIE® Awards, an international association that awards esteemed companies worldwide and recognizes their achievements and positive contributions. Created by the same company behind the Oscars and the Emmys, it has since been a coveted award and medal of honor for business organizations around the globe to vie for.

    Beating out several big companies in the Asia-Pacific category for 2020, Asticom won an award for “Most Exemplary Employer”. This is due to Asticom’s above and beyond response and assistance to its employees during their times of need. Despite a tumultuous 2020, it remained steadfast in its mission to have the employees in the center of its business. While the pandemic would have forced other companies to downsize and cut losses, they saw it as a sign to redouble its efforts and hold a stronger conviction in uplifting the lives of Filipinos.

    Asticom also won another prestigious award from the Stevie Awards in a different category entitled “Most Valuable Corporate Response”. This is due to the multi-faceted emergency response to 2020s various unfortunate events. Apart from assisting their employees’ transition to a work-from-home environment, they also made it a point to send out Covid related communications frequently to remind them of safety precautions not just in the workplace but also beyond it. Furthermore, for employees that were quarantined because of the virus, Asticom provided them financial assistance as well as various benefits. Apart from partnering with multiple health providers to take care of our employees when they are sick, they have partnered with a 24/7 telehealth membership service so that the employees can get unlimited access to consultations from licensed doctors anytime. Finally, Asticom also partnered with AC Health, a company that emphasizes affordable and accessible healthcare, to ensure our employees get access to hospital contacts, isolation facilities, and other related support.

    This goes to show how far Asticom will go for its people. These efforts were so admirable that they were recognized by the Stevie Awards.