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Asticom launches shared services center


The Asticom Group of Companies, a shared services provider under the Globe Group, launched the Asti Shared Services Center to enhance business operations efficiency and hasten client service delivery.

AstiSSC expedites the execution of crucial business services across different Asticom subsidiaries to keep pace with the group’s aggressive growth. By accelerating the delivery of services to Asticom’s clientele, AstiSSC helps the group create a better value proposition for its customers.

“Launching AstiSSC is our response to the exponential growth we’re experiencing at Asticom. It ensures that we remain on top of the business needs of our clients and that we deliver the right solutions timely and efficiently,” said Asticom president and chief executive Mharicar Castillo-Reyes.

AstiSSC, Asticom sets its sights on leveraging the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning. By utilizing the data gathered in the interactions between clients and employees in the system, the group aims to provide a personalized and enhanced customer experience.