Finding Love at the Workplace: Tips on learning how to love your work

Jun. 02, 2023

When you’re working, there will come a time when you feel drained or burnt out. You feel unmotivated, dejected, or have a hard time finishing your tasks. And sometimes, you feel like you don’t like what you’re doing anymore.


These instances are normal. In fact, it’s a common occurrence for employees to feel like they’ve fallen out of love with what they’re doing. But as the famous saying goes, love is sweeter the second time around. So here are a few tips that’ll get you back on track and learn how to love your job again.


  • Find ways where you can grow


Some employees start feeling bored when they’ve grown accustomed to their work, which leads them to feel like they’ve grown out of it. A good tip is to find ways where you can grow in your craft. Take short online courses related to your work and apply them to your daily tasks, think of new ideas or projects you know you’d enjoy doing. Simple ways like this can help bring back the life in what you’re doing at work. 


  • Connect with the people you’re working with


Another way for you to love your work again is by connecting with your workmates. Although it is important not to force friendships, simply interacting with them can make a difference. Building these connections will not only help you make your work life easier, but it can also boost your confidence to interact with people outside of your organization.


  • Remember why you entered your work in the first place


Often times when employees have grown comfortable with their work, they tend to just go through it day by day, which leads to it feeling more like a chore rather than something they enjoy. Reminding yourself once in a while why you entered the industry you’re in and the role you chose can help you fall back in love with what you’re doing. Finding the small wins in your day and celebrating them on your own can have a positive impact on your overall work.


  • Set new goals for yourself


A tip for employees out there is to set new goals for yourself. Write out a plan for yourself or where you want to see yourself in the coming years, all the things you want to achieve career and personal-wise. Having these long-term goals may help you feel excited about what’s in store for your future.


  • Balance your work and personal life


Lastly, learn to have time for your work and for yourself. It’s common for people to lose themselves in their work, which causes a ripple effect on how they view their jobs. Having proper time management and balancing your life is vital in keeping a healthy work environment for yourself, and will also help you love what you’re doing naturally.


Following these tips can help you fall in love back with your work in no time!


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