Online tools to get you started on your job hunting!

Sep. 06, 2022  |  Blogs

It can be stressful to search for your desired jobs and complete application forms. Carrying out all of this work can be taxing, especially for fresh graduates and new job hunters. The procedure consumes a lot of time and can be very frustrating.

With that, we’ve put together five online tools to help you with your job search and application. Some of these tools can help you find the jobs that are appropriate for you, while the others may help ease your application process so you can go through them much faster.

As a job seeker, it’s essential for you to build your connections. Job searching sites such as LinkedIn provide individuals a platform to connect with people, browse through job or life-focused posts, and as well as find job opportunities.


Before meeting a potential employer, one of the first things a recruiter sees is your resume. Creating a good and concise profile may be difficult, especially for new job seekers, but they can utilize sites like Canva and Kinobi with their resume or CV templates to create their own. Kinobi also offers other career tools such as Cover Letter making and Interview training. 


When you’re in the process of receiving job interview schedules, it may get overwhelming for you to track all your scheduled interviews. Google Calendar can be a helpful tool for you to manage your schedule by creating events, tasks, appointments, depending on your personal setup. 


Mailtrack is a Google Chrome extension for tracking emails. Through its pixel-based tracking technology, it informs you if and how many times your emails have been opened. With Mailtrack’s Incoming tracked email indication, it also informs you when emails you receive are being tracked. 

This tool can be helpful for job seekers to trace their email applications to their desired companies. You can also make lists through Mailtrack to keep track of the status of your emails.


Lastly, another email tool job hunters can use to market themselves is Wisestamp. Wisestamp is an online signature generator that can enhance a person’s email sendoff. 

Wisestamp has a variety of options for individuals and organizations, wherein they can choose from a handful of templates, change fonts, colors and input their desired information and process their email signature with ease.


Another way to boost your job hunting success? A little help from our talent solutions that provide opportunities like Asticom to kickstart your careers!

Overall, there are a handful of online resources available to assist with your job search and land those interviews in no time! Try these tools out and happy job hunting!


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