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    Opportunities in trying times

    When the pandemic hit, a lot of things changed. This drastic shift has compelled us to innovate and explore new opportunities that will keep us all afloat. 

    Melboy Pangan, Business Development and Strategy Manager of Asticom Technology Inc. highlighted how the company thrive and reinvented its strategy to see the uncertainty as an opportunity to provide solutions to businesses on the new episode of Talk.Shop.Asia NXT GEN “Retail Reimagined: The new era of retail”.  

    The people and the clients are the major focus of Asticom. In line with the COVID-19 response, the company implemented a work from home setup and provided people WFH essentials. 

    “Since a majority of our services are staffing solutions, most of our employees are deployed at the client’s site. They are the ones taking care of our clients across industries. When the lockdown was announced, we implemented a work-from-home environment in less than three days to minimize any downtime in productivity,” said Melboy Pangan, Business Development & Strategy Manager.

    This led Asticom to see opportunities behind circumstances and successfully launched its first subsidiary ABSI – IT and BSO provider and will be launching two more subsidiaries this year. 

    Moreover, they expect to transform within the next three years, serving various industries and more companies within the space of retail, e-commerce, logistics, and serving a global market. 

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