Bridging People,
Fueling Passions.

Bridging people to businesses and connecting businesses to the right teams. That is what we do. We work hard to understand what is needed, to ensure that we do it well and that we deliver with speed.
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About Us

Our Company

Asticom Technology Inc is a Philippine-based shared services company under the Ayala conglomerate. As a partner, we are focused on providing a superior customer experience through the consistent delivery of high-quality responsive services. This is made possible by innovative co-created value-driven solutions that are tailor-made to fit the client’s business needs.
  • 2000 + jobs
  • 4000 + applicants
What we do

Our Services

  • Staffing Services:  We provide the right people for your business needs.
  • General Services:   We help you grow through our staffing services tailored to your every corporate need.
  • IT Services: We accelerate your digital transformation with the help of our IT experts.
who we serve

Our Clients

We provide nationwide services to a multitude of industries including Telecommunications, FinTech, Information Technology, Retail, Health, Logistics, Automotive, Banking, Education, Real Estate, and Aviation


Careers and Culture

At Asticom, we believe that people are our greatest asset. We create an inclusive workplace that respects diversity and inclusivity, fosters a people-centric culture, and engages individuals towards service delivery excellence, collaboration & innovation. We welcome and hire people of different gender, ethnicity, age, disabilities, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.

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