A Guide to Building your Online Brand and Presence!

Nov. 23, 2022

Social media has become part of our everyday lives. May it be from the consumption of news, entertainment, and the like. So it’s no wonder that the job application process has also made its rounds in the digital world, much more now with the effect of the pandemic.


With social media, the job hunting and the recruitment process has become way more accessible, which means possible hiring managers don’t just see you firsthand on the interview or resume alone, they can actually vet your profile from recruitment pages you’re in.


As a first-time job seeker, building your online presence is vital, and here are a few tips to help you get your profile recruiter-friendly!


  1. Know how to brand yourself

When building your online profile, you first have to ask yourself how you want to present yourself online. Is there a specific industry you’re interested in targeting? Do you want your profile to be amenable to everyone? Finding out how you want your personal branding to look is a good starting point in creating your brand online.


  1. Know your platform

After you find out what kind of image you want to portray online, the next step is to know what platform you should be using.

There are a handful of social media sites you can use to put yourself out there. Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or if you have the time, you can craft your own website using sites that offer templates, so you can also expand your skills and experience much more freely.


  1. Engage and interact

Another tip job seekers can keep in mind is to engage and interact. For some, the thought of putting themselves out there may seem nerve-wracking, but building connections can come a long way.

Leave a like or a simple comment on a LinkedIn post you relate to, and sooner or later you’ll be making connections with people that can potentially help you with your career.


  1. Keep it professional

A common mistake people make in general is that they post everything online. Some posts may seem harmless, but others may come off as negative, especially in the eyes of employers.

Keeping a clean and professional online presence is highly recommended, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve deleted that ‘problematic’ post of yours from years ago when the time comes.


  1. Find ways to revamp it 

Lastly, find ways to improve your online brand. Try your best to make your personal brand unique and clickable, and in no time you’ll get the hang of maintaining your online presence and using it to your advantage when it comes to job applications.


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