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    Modern Problems, Modern Solutions: Why You Need Learning Opportunities in the Online Setting

    One of the biggest challenges of transitioning online is the lack of training opportunities for employees to grow. But as we all know, the modern solution to flattening the steep learning curve is technology. 

    Onsite Training

    Training employees was never an issue onsite. People ordinarily learn on the job, whether it be through observation or active participation. Face-to-face supervision made it simple to provide and receive feedback, and information was easily accessible. Overall, being in the workplace instilled a sense of productivity as well as a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Clocking in at work indicated another day to become better alongside others.

    But what happens when physical barriers keep people from learning together? Well, technology side-steps these very issues and creates online opportunities where there were none.

    Leaning Online

    For one thing, the online setting demands a sense of urgency. A person’s time is valuable, and people must utilize each others’ time efficiently. Determining learning goals and setting meeting agendas beforehand cuts down on time consumption and increases the value of assembling synchronously. 

    And while there is some immediacy in the online setting, technology can also accommodate self-paced learning. Provided that a company has empathetic leaders, superiors can set 1-on-1 sessions with their teammates for a more personal synthesis of their training. Asynchronous learning activities—such as company training programs, business development workshops, online courses, and leadership seminars—also become a possibility for workers who prefer learning at their own pace.

    While the online setting sets challenges for companies to thrive, business leaders can empower their employees through technology. Technology does not only keep businesses afloat—it provides learning opportunities for employees to grow.

    Technology is the modern solution to today’s problems. Asticom believes that employees deserve access to technological resources that unleash their fullest potential.