Our Services

As a partner, we are focused on providing superior customer experience through the
consistent delivery of high-quality responsive services. This is made possible by
innovative and flexible co-created value-driven solutions.

What We Do

Bridging People, Fueling Passions

Payroll Services

ASTICOM will be responsible for the overall payroll management of the client’s employee. This service includes the implementation of Asticom’s very own payroll system.

Staffing Services

ASTICOM will enter an agreement with the client as the principal. Ascticom’s project employees and supervisors shall be deployed to the client for the duration of the engagement.

Managed Services

ASTICOM will enter an engagement with the client wherein Asticom will act as a service provider that will directly manage operations (people, tools of work, productivity, and others).

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Bridging People, Fueling Passions